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This site is setup to assist young kids in learning about computers. The site will be updated from time to time.

Topic Videos Reading/Notes
Introduction, History and Uses to Computers Computers for Kids | Intro to Computers | Explain computers to kids
How Do Computers Work? - #CSforAll
History of computers (part 1) - A Timeline
History of Computers (part 2) - A Timeline
A Brief History of Computers
Uses of Computers part-1 for Grade II - Chapter-3
Uses of Computer
English Learning Videos || Computers and its Parts
Inside your computer - Bettina Bair
Classification/Types of Computers 17 Types of Computers and Uses of Computers | Computer Awareness Lesson 3
Classification of Computers
Classification of Computer
Types of Computers

Input/Output Devices Information Technology: Input Devices
Class 2 Computer |CBSE | ICSE | Output Device | NCERT Solution| Online School Classes
07 Output Devices - Computer (English)

Memory Storage

Operating System

Application Programs

Computers and Health


Programming for Kids